voin web image

Project | 01

Project | 01 The Voin Website

Voin website is develop using css grid system and it suported all type brower meaning it browser compatibilty. It is also css animation feature click below to see.

video image

Project | 02

Project | 02 Video Background App

Inside this project I have add a video inside hero area using jquery. And this app is fully responsive and supported all modern devices and have brower compatibilty.

email image

Project | 03

Project | 03 Rsponsive HTML Email

This project belong to responsive html email it is table based layout and supported all modern email Compgain webiste like GetResponse, MailChimp, AWeber etc.

tour image

Project | 04

Project | 03 Tour and Travel

This is tour and travell website this website build using zurb foundation work and it fully responsive and have browser compatibilty.

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